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Drive components

Power Transmission TechnologyPower Transmission Technology

Delivery and supply with drive components for a wide field of applications. Our product line includes gear racks, trapezoidal lead screw drives, spine shafts, torque shafts, screw jacks, lift cylinders, gear units and motors. With product know-how, experience and flexiblity we meet your requirements in every possible way.

Gear racks

ZahnstangenGear racks straight/bowed toothed, round gear racks

Trapezoidal lead screw drives

TrapezgewindetriebeThreaded rod, nuts, lift cylinders

Spine shafts

KeilwellenSpine shafts, bushings, splinded hubs, locking rings

Torque shafts

DrehmomentwellenShort stroke, rotary ball splines

Screw jacks

HubgetriebeWorm gear, rack and pinion,
screw jacks

Lift cylinders

HubzylinderActuators, lifting columns

Gear units

GetriebeSpur, bevel, worm,
planetary gear units


MotorenServo, direct current,
asynchronous motors

Main range

  • ANT
  • Grob
  • NSK
  • Bosch Rexroth

  • SKF
  • THK


Delivery range

  • Alltec
  • Atlanta
  • Desch
  • Flender
  • Lenze


  • Neff
  • Stüwe
  • Thomson
  • Warner
  • WMH Herion

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing toothing parts to drawing
  • Manufacturing, drilling and grooving toothed wheels subsequent processing
  • Manufacturing gear racks subsequent processing
  • Hardening and coating teeth and threads
  • Manufacturing threaded spindles, threaded nut, bearing seats, shaft ends to drawing
  • Cutting threaded spindles to length
  • Manufacturing spine shafts and torque shafts subsequent processing, cutting to length
  • Manufacturing intermediate flanges and shafts to drawing

Maintenance service

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring drive components
  • Measurement of drive components
  • Refurbishing drive components
  • Reconditioning threaded drives
  • Alignment of drives
  • Mounting gear rack drives, threaded drives and lifting elements
  • Lubrication of drive components