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Bearing technology, hydraulics as well as pneumatics require complementary sealings all of which can hardly ever be found complete in one assortment. Our sealing technology programme offers reliable solutions to everything. We have a complete assortment of sealing technology and you can get all brands and products from only one supplier.

Shaft sealings

WellendichtungenRadial, axial shaft sealings

Shaft sealings accessories

Wellendichtungs-zubehörShaft protection and repair sleeves, sealing caps

Rotation sealings

RotationsdichtungenV-seals, labyrinth sealings, slip ring sealings


AbdeckungenBellows, cover sheets

Fluid sealings

FluiddichtungenPiston and bar sealings, groove rings

Sealing accessories

DichtungszubehörStripping devices, guide rings

Static sealings

Statische DichtungenO-rings, quad-, thrust rings

Flange sealings

FlanschdichtungenSealing packings, packing cords


Main range

  • Dichtomatik
  • Freudenberg

  • SKF
  • Trelleborg


Delivery range

  • Anyseals
  • AWH
  • Burgmann Packings
  • Dichta
  • Dichtungstechnik
  • Bensheim
  • Dynatect-Halltech
  • Eagle Burgmann
  • Elastometall
  • Fischer & Plath
  • Flexitallic


  • Gehrckens
  • Gleitringdichtung Direkt
  • Happich
  • Möller
  • Möller Werke
  • PTFE-Spezialvertrieb
  • Rehm
  • Seal Concept
  • Späh Gruppe
  • Trygonal
  • Xpress Seals

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing gaskets to drawing and subsequent processing
  • Welding and bonding o-rings
  • Cutting sealing cords and tapes to length
  • Manufacturing metallic sealings to drawing
  • Manufacturing elastomer springs to drawing
  • Manufacturing supporting and end frames

Maintenance service

  • Monitoring sealings
  • Repair of flat and flange gaskets
  • Repair of sealing and counter surfaces
  • Mounting shaft, fluid, flat, flange sealings, liquid sealings and way wipers