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Within the product line springs we supply you with gas springs, steering dampers as well as pressure and tension springs. Springs and dampers are essential construction elements for furniture and store construction, machines, plant engineering, vehicle manufacturing, transport and logistics.

Non-locking gas springs

Gasfedern nicht blockierbarGas springs with hydraulic/ dynamic damping

Locking gas springs

Gasfedern Elastic, rigid locking
in push/pull direction

Release systems

Gasfedern für DrehstühleRelease systems for locking gas springs

Steering dampers

LenkungsdämpferPath/frequency dependent, electric controllable dampers, in push/pull direction

Steel tape

FederbandstahlUnhardened, hardened

Pressure springs

DruckfedernPressure springs, strings

Tension springs

ZugfedernTension springs, cords

Disc springs

TellerfedernTurned, stamped, fine-blanked

Main range

  • ACE
  • Effbe
  • Gutekunst Federn
  • Ringfeder
  • Stabilus


Delivery range

  • Bansbach
  • Christian Bauer
  • Enidine
  • Fk
  • Knörzer


  • Mubea
  • Schnorr
  • Suspa
  • Weforma

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing to drawing, filling, adjusting and painting gas pressure springs
  • Subsequent processing spring steel strip
  • Manufacturing and shortening compression and tension springs to drawing

Maintenance service

  • Monitoring spring elements
  • Vibration measuring
  • Filling gas springs
  • Changing spring elements, protective sleeves, plain spherical bearings, joint bolts and swivel joint yoke
  • Mounting gas springs and metallic springs
  • Adjustment of spring elements
  • Greasing mechanical parts