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ZITEC Gruppe GmbH
Scheiblerstr. 3
94447 Plattling
+49 9931 960-257
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Opportunities for school leavers

Schüler und Schulabgänger

You want to start your career with an interesting apprenticeship?
We offer the following possibilites for apprenticeships:

Start yearly: August 1st

Headquarters Plattling
  • Industrial clerk (f/m)
  • Office clerk for wholesale and foreign trade (f/m)
  • IT specialist - application development (f/m)
  • IT specialist - systems integration (f/m)
  • Trained specialist for logistics (f/m)
  • Cutting machine operator (f/m)
  • Industrial mechanic (f/m)
  • Digital media designer (f/m)

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Send us your application by post or email.