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We supply and provide you with compatible chains for every application. Whether standardised parts like roller chains, pin chains or hinge chains or special chains like maintenance free conveyor chains, divided sprockets oder chains with special coating - with market experience and flexiblity we meet your requirements in every possible way.

Roller chains

RollenkettenRoller, long element, rotary chains

Pin chains


Leaf, gall, draw bench chains

Maintenance-free, low-maintenance chains

Wartungsfreie Ketten

Chains with sliding sleeves, coating, prelubrication

Stainless steel, corrosion resistant chains

Rostfreie Ketten

Stainless steel chains, chains with coating

Bushing, conveyor chains

Buchsen-, Förderketten

Bushing, conveyor chains,
with solid, hollow pin,
with, without rollers

Chains with attached parts

Ketten mit Anbauteilen

Chains with link and bent attachments, extended pins, attached parts

Hinge chains

ScharnierbandkettenHinge chains, plate top chains, accumulator chains

Sprockets and chain accessories

Kettenräder & Zubehör

Sprockets, toothed disks, chain tensioners, chain pulleys, slide bars for chains

Main range

  • Donghua
  • Köbo-Donghua
  • Renold

  • Rexnord
  • System Plast
  • Tsubaki
  • Wippermann


Delivery range

  • Atlanta
  • Arnold & Stolzenberg
  • Ketten Wulf
  • KTS


  • Regina
  • Rosta
  • Sedis
  • Stelter

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing sprockets and toothed disks to drawing
  • Manufacturing hubs to drawing and welding hubs
  • Hardening and coating teeth
  • Manufacturing, drilling and grooving sprockets subsequent processing
  • Cutting to length, bonding, degreasing, greasing chains and adding attached parts
  • Manufacturing chain tensioners, chain pulleys, chain slide rails to drawing

Maintenance service

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring drive chains, conveyor chains
  • Changing drive chains, conveyor chains and attached parts
  • Alignment of drive and conveyor chains
  • Installation of central lubrication systems
  • Mounting drive chains, conveyor chains, guide rails, chain tensioners and attached parts
  • Synchronising drive chains, conveyor chains
  • Greasing drive chains, conveyor chains