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BUENAVENTURA GINER INC. to enter into a strategic alliance with IPH Group

To further enforce its market position and prepare itself for the challenges of the future, BUENAVENTURA GINER INC. has decided to join forces with IPH Group.

BUENAVENTURA GINER INC. is a leading technical distributor created in 1939 with today’s sales above € 30 million developed through 12 sites in Spain.

With sales of more than €1.1 billion, IPH is one of the most important technical distributor groups in Europe. Today, IPH Group is present in Europe with many strong brands, notably ZITEC and KISTENPFENNIG in Germany, OREXAD in France, MINETTI in Italy and BIESHEUVEL TECHNIEK in the Netherlands.

The Spanish company will remain under the chairmanship of Federico GINER, who will also lead integration into IPH and the development in Spain.

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27.09.2016 | Kontact: info@zitec-gruppe.com