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Standardised parts

Standardised partsStandardised parts

ZITEC is your supplier for the whole product field of standardised machine parts. With our range we can offer you anything required
in mechanical engineering and industry from A to Z. You can rely on a wide range of quality products on stock.Simply state material number, mass or function and you will get technology from only one source without any additional costs or delay.

Operating elements

BedienelementeHandwheels, clamp levers, turning heads, stirrup-shaped handles

Clamping elements

VorrichtungselementeStop bolts, thrust pieces, adjusting rings, spherical washers

Tension elements

SpannelementeQuick clamps, slot nuts,
base element

Fastening elements

BefestigungselementeLocknut, bolts, feather keys, parallel pin, shim rings

Clamps, levers,

Bügel, Hebel, KnöpfeOperating, stirrup-shaped, tube handles, knobs

Star grips

SterngriffeStar, palm grips, knurled thumb, wing screws

Feather keys

PassfedernFeather keys, cotters

Safety rings

SicherungsringeSeeger rings, shim rings,
supporting disks

Main range

  • Destaco
  • Ganter
  • Kipp

  • Norelem
  • Seeger


Delivery range

  • Atlanta
  • Benzing
  • Fibro
  • Halder
  • Heyd
  • Igus


  • Mbo
  • Nosta
  • Sankyo
  • SAV
  • Steinle
  • Zimm

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing standardised parts made of special materials to drawing
  • Manufacturing standardised parts subsequent processing
  • Manufacturing threaded parts to drawing
  • Coating threads
  • Manufacturing screws, bolts and pins to drawing, manufacturing subsequent processing and cutting

Maintenance service

  • Monitoring safety and fastening elements
  • Repair of grooves and threads
  • Changing safety and fastening elements
  • Changing clamping and operating elements
  • Mounting safety, fastening, clamping, operating elements, housings and protective covers