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The ZITEC product range in belts include conventional, narrow and endless V-belts according to DIN 2215, timing belts made of rubber or polyurethance, high performance narrow V-belts according to DIN 7753 part 1/ISO 4184 and USA standard RMA/MPTA, multi-groove V-belts and other special belts or accessories.


KeilriemenConventional, narrow, broad V-belts

Multi-groove V-belts

Mehrrillige KeilriemenRipped belts, power belts, banded V-belts

Flat belts

FlachriemenFabric, plastic,
composite belts

V-belt pulleys and accessories

Scheiben und ZubehörV-belt pulleys, belt tensioners, taper lock bushes

Timing belts endless

Zahnriemen endlosInch size, metric
timing belts

Timing belts open ended

Zahnriemen endlich Inch size, metric
timing belts

Special flat belts

Spezielle FlachriemenCoated timing belts,
timing belts with dogs

Timing belts pulleys and accessories

ZahnriemenscheibenTiming belt pulleys,
return rollers

Main range

  • ContiTech
  • Forbo
  • Gates
  • Habasit
  • Optibelt




Delivery range

  • Ammeraal Beltech
  • Bando
  • BEHAbelt
  • Breco/Mulco
  • Dayco
  • Desch
  • Flender


  • Goodyear
  • Megadyne
  • NSW
  • PTS
  • Stennei
  • Volta

Manufacturing technology

  • Toothsided and backsided coating timing belts
  • Fixing attachments to timing belts
  • Welding to length, cutting to width of timing belts
  • Manufacturing timing belt pulleys and shafts to drawing
  • Subsequent processing, drilling and grooving timing belt pulleys
  • Hardening and coating teeth
  • Manufacturing, subsequent treatment, drilling and grooving wedge plates
  • Cutting ripped belts to width
  • Welding round belts to length

Maintenance service

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring and calibration of transmission belts and conveyor belts
  • Changing transmission belts and conveyor belts
  • Alignment and balancing shafts and belt pulleys
  • Mounting transmission belts and conveyor belts, belt tensioners, attached parts to conveyor belts, round belts
  • Welding round belts and flat timing belts
  • Synchronising conveyor belts
  • Maintenance of belt drives and material handling
  • Rental of vibration measuring devices, friction welding devices and alignment systems