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Shock absorbers

Shock absorbersShock absorbers

ZITEC distributes a wide spectrum of shock absorbers. Our product portfolio includes industry and safety shock absorbers as
well as air-spring feet and machine pads. High quality products, various brands and technical know-how regarding calculation and construction.

Industrial shock

Industrie-Industrial shock absorbers,

Safety shock

Sicherheits-Safety shock absorbers, flange mounting, accessories

Rotational shock

Rotations-With flange/push-in mounting

Tubus profile

Tubus StrukturdämpferAxial/radial damping

Rubber-to-metal components

Gummi-Metall-ElementeRubber buffers, tracks,
rubber-bonded metal

Elastomer springs

ElastomerfedernWith accessories

Air-spring feet

MaschinenschuheSwivel-mounted, adjustable, height-adjustable

Machine pads

Maschinen-Insulation, damping plates

Main range

  • ACE
  • ContiTech
  • Effbe
  • Ringfeder




Delivery range

  • Enidine
  • Marbett
  • Norgren


  • System Plast
  • Weforma
  • Wilhelmi

Manufacturing technology

  • Filling and adjusting shock absorbers
  • Manufacturing elastomer springs to drawing
  • Manufacturing mounting foots to drawing
  • Manufacturing damping mats to drawing

Maintenance service

  • Monitoring damping elements
  • Vibration measuring
  • Filling shock absorbers
  • Changing shock absorbers, elastomer springs, mounting foots, plain spherical bearings, joint bolts and swivel joint yoke
  • Mounting shock absorbers, elastomer springs and mounting foots
  • Adjustment of shock absorbers
  • Greasing mechanical parts