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We are specialized on individual packaging parts in power transmission, linear and tube technology. Fast processing, a modern machinery and our well-trained engineers achieve highest quality and fast packaging your products.

Power transmission technology

  • Packaging chains
    Cutting to length, adding attached parts, manufacturing chain slide rails to drawing
  • Packaging belts
    Processing belts pulleys, fixing attachments to belts, coating belts, welding to length and cutting to width
  • Packaing clutches
    Manufacturing, drilling and grooving clutches subsequent processing, manufacturing intermediate shafts to drawing
  • Packaging locking elements
    Constructing clamping fit

Linear technology

Packaging linear technology

  • Abrasive cutting and chamferring rail guides to length
  • Squaring up of rails
  • Radial drilling rails and tapping threads
  • Making dowel holes in carriages, degreasing and greasing
  • Manufacturing flange accessories to drawing
  • Manufacturing bellows to drawing
  • Abrasive cutting and chamferring linear shafts to length
  • Processing ends of shaft guides to drawing
  • Radial/axial drilling, grooving shafts and tapping threads
  • Cutting track roller guides to length
  • Manufacturing ball screws, bearing housings to drawing

Tube technology

Packaging tube technology

  • Manufacturing hydraulic hoses to drawing
  • Testing hydraulic hoses for pressure resistance
  • Manufacturing and mounting protective hoses to drawing
  • Cutting hydraulic pipes, pneumatic hoses and tubes to length
  • Bending hydraulic pipes
  • Manufacturing flanges to drawing
  • Manufacturing piston rods to drawing