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IPH - Industrial Parts Holding

European leading network in technical trade for industry demand

As European distributor of industrial supplies, IPH is the privileged partner of all companies in industrial sectors for their maintenance and production needs. Better known in France under the brand names Orexad and Anfidis, in Italy (Minetti), in Switzerland (Montalpina), in Belgium (d'Hont), in the Netherlands (Biesheuvel Techniek), in Poland (Robod) and in Romania (Novotech), the IPH Group generates a turnover of 1.130 billion euros with 4,000 employees. Its European network comprises over 200 branches. With 1,000,000 listed products IPH is the leading European sales and service network in technical trade. Capacity, network as well as experience makes IPH furthermore to the fitting partner especially for companies which operate throughout Europe.

ZITEC Gruppe is the German guiding unit of IPH for further growth in Germany and Europe. ZITEC Gruppe is formed by ZITEC and KISTENPFENNIG, two major distributors of mechanical power transmission components in Germany.



Industrial Parts Holding (IPH)