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International market access

Based on a strategic partnership with Rubix Group all companies of ZITEC Gruppe provide full-service not only for their own customers but also for existing multi national customers of the Rubix network in Germany. Therefore they offer from now on their focused expertise as system integrators Europe-wide.

Range of services

With the access to the Rubix network the companies of ZITEC Gruppe are expanding their product and service portfolio especially in the field of personal protective equipment and tools and are able to adjust their versatile range of services to the customer needs in the best possible way. ZITEC Gruppe will target the ongoing development of its subsidiary companies from product oriented trade companies to technical integrated full-service partners and by focusing of the know-how allow for an increasing demand for system integration.


Positioned in the top 3 full-service provider in technical trade ZITEC Gruppe is faced with an ambitious course for growth – a course from which customers, employees and suppliers will benefit likewise.


The employees of ZITEC Gruppe are characterised by highest dedication and strong identification with their companies. Consequent training programmes and specific talent programmes support individual career development and make the companies of ZITEC Gruppe to one of the most attractive employers in technical trade.